SUFC 0 Bright Shirts 1 

The Mighty Shrimpers were looking to clinch a place in the 2nd round of the Lower Case Cup to match their march into Round Two of the JPT.

A strong line up took the field with Digger Deegan looking the business in his hot pants, Wozza starting, and with Timo back in the middle.

The Brighto boys were certainly that, with ridiculous fluorescent yellow away shirts which made them look really silly. Who’s gonna buy one of those! Ha!

Blooz kicked off towards the North Bank, which housed a decent contingent of Brighto fans who regailed us with indecent chants. It was 29 mins before they sang a song which was actually in support of their own team.

Even Stevens at halfo, neither goalkeeper doing much, Digger being booked for having Jack Payne hiding in his beard.

Second half and Blooz push on, playing well, bringing on Speedboat Weston, Wordy and Moonraker. Speedo has a good shot saved and we all jump up to greet Wordy’s shot hitting the net just as their keeper pulls off a worldy. Then Nick Prawnby says to Prawn Connery and Gerri Prawniwell that we’ll chat in extra time…… aargh Lulu scores 92 mins! It’s all my fault! Sorry….

Gutted for the Blue Boys, deserved better, Good show from the Mighty Shrimpers, Walsall next in the League, back to bread and butter. UTB

 Shrimpers on the attack!

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