Jerri Prawniwell reports from the Blues Lounge! PullYouselfTogether Curtain Co Xmas outing in full swing. Prawn predictions pre-game – Guest Oscar Octopus says 3-1 Blues, Nick Prawnby 2-0, Jerri 1-1, Prawn Connery 2-2, and grumpy Fish says 0-1. Wendy Prawniwell 1-0 Blues, Jose Mourinho 5-5.

Hunty comes in for Hursty, sub goalie is Digger in a mankini.

First Half and Petey Clarke lines up and is hopefully shaky, with his twin brother Leon. 5mins and Moons shanks one over, Rosey has a bunch of chances, Hunty 3 good chances, causing problems, Moons nowhere. Cokes and Wozza linking well, shots x 2. GOAL 22 mins Hunty scores a poachers goal, 1-0 Blues! Blues on top no suprise when GOAL Hunty again 2-0after goalie mistake. Leon bloody Clarke replies on 42mins Blues 2-1.

Halftime 2-1, Jerri has a vegetarian cuppa. And realises LEON is NOEL backwards.

Second half and the Shaky’s come on strong with attacking subs. Hunty off, Hursty on. A few chances, Flipping Jack Ferret fouled – PENALTY! Moooooney 3-1. Wozza off, Raegun on. Great strike from Jack “Ferret” Payne 4-1! Blooz on top now. Moon-Pig swap, Ferret buzzing.

Fulltime 4-1 what a Christmas present for Blues fans!

Bury game Bentley kick

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